Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thank You!!!

I would like to thank our wonderful customers and supporters who helped us in our toy drive for Toys for Tots. We were able to donate an abundance of toys to give to the children along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. My daughter and son went with me today to purchase the final toys. I knew they would know what to give and it filled my heart with such joy to see my children helping us out! We bought many Barbis, doodle bears, fairies, a takling puppy, dump trucks, Spidermam figures, Thomas the Train toys, the list just goes on and on!
I know we will be able to bring smiles to these children's faces because of your wonderful and generous help!
Thank you again!
Laura Jane

Friday, November 17, 2006

Help give South Mississippi's children a Merry Christmas!

As many of my customers know, I live here in Gulfport, MS.
Last year was a very devastating year for the south due to the hurricanes and all of the lives lost. People are still struggling to piece together their lives here. Rebuilding our communities is top priority and will be for many more years to come.
South Mississippi was almost destroyed, homes were left to rubble, buildings moved hundreds of feet, lives were lost and life itself has been halted.
It remains very gray here and there is an obvious sadness in the air. This used to be filled with happy people, green earth and beautiful sandy beaches filled with bright lights and gorgeous Annabellum homes. That is no more.
Everyday, I see the aftermath. I see the struggles and I see what it has done to our beautiful state.
There are still families whose homes are now FEMA trailers or tents. Some don't have running water, food or beds. Every night I watch how the communities are coming together to provide food for the homeless and shelter for the cold. What about the children? They are living this too. They need something special for each and every one of them.
Children always have my heart. They are living this life everyday. I want to do something! I want to make a difference and we can... together! Christmas is upon us and I want to ensure that the children here having the merriest Christmas possible!
From now until December 20th, 30% of proceeds from all ChicKen ScRatch Sling orders will go to Toys for Tots in the Gulf Coast area of Mississippi.
The children here deserve to have a Merry Christmas and I want to make sure that happens!
Toys for Tots is a wonderful program ran by The U.S. Marine Corp. Toys are purchased and donated to children. They are hand delivered to each and every child needing a merry Christmas! Our children here have been through so much, I want to give them something special.
With every purchase, not only will a large percentage of the proceeds go to Toys for Tots, but each customer will receive a $10 gift certificate towards their next purchase, expiring 6 months after the issue date.
Money received from the donations will go to purchasing toys for the children who otherwise, would not have anything. If you would like to donate funds or new and unused toys, please contact me. Any and all of your help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your support and thank you for helping to bring a Merry Christmas to Mississippi's children!
Laura Jane

Friday, November 10, 2006

Last Day for Sale on CSRS!!!

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Today is the last day to receive 10% off on your entire purchase!
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Remember that we always offer FREE shipping on orders over $100!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Grand Re-opening at ChicKen ScRatch

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It has been a looooong time in coming, but we have reopened!
We have all kinds of new features in our store that are sure to help serve you better!
Check out the improved ChicKen ScRatch and be sure to take advantage of our 1 week sale of 10% off plus free shipping on orders over $100! Follow this link to activate the coupon!There are all kinds of new features and sling designs such as Southern Charm, Champagne Brunch and Jade! We also have a new sizing chart that is sure to give you the perfect fit in your new ChicKen ScRatch Ring Sling!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So who and what is ChicKen ScRatch?

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingSo who is ChicKen ScRatch?
Well, I am Laura Jane, the owner of ChicKen ScRatch Slings.
I have been happily married to my husband now for almost 6 years!
We have a beautiful daughter and a handsome little son.
We live along the beautiful beaches and the regrowth of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
My husband is in the U.S. Navy Seabees and we have recently been restationed here to my home state.
I am just a simple Southern woman who makes sweet tea and ring slings, what a great life!

So what is ChicKen ScRatch?
They are ring slings of course!
When I had my son in Dec of 2004, he was an amazing baby. He was so happy and so easy to please, but with my other daughter and the growing daily tasks, I knew that I would need some sort of assistance. I wanted to be able to complete all of the tasks I have always done, but I didn't want that to mean taking attention away from my son. He was always one who wanted to be carried, snuggled and loved. I didn't want to let go of that for dishes!
I did some research and found baby slings!
Long story short, I didn't find one that I liked so I put my creative thoughts to the test!
I started selling them locally and then I opened up my online store in May of 2005.
I desperately wanted to come up with something original and new. I didn't want to offer plain white or black slings, I wanted moms (dads can wear too) to look and feel great while wearing their sling!
I started small and basic, no, boring! I tried sprucing it up a bit, but they were just tacky.
I went fabric shopping and found the most comfortable denim that I have ever seen. I had some very pretty accent fabric that I wanted to add to it. I wasn't sure how I was going to. I wanted funcionality and FLAIR!
I decided on adding a large accent panel and a pocket. What good is anything without a pocket?
I hate ironing, it truely is a chore for me. If I was going to start making something, I wanted to at least enjoy it and ironing would not allow me to enjoy my new hobby.
I decided to actually use trim for the edges, this way I didn't have to iron and moms could actually find a rail eaisly (the rails are the edges of the fabric used to adjust a sling)
After I was through with my new creation, I still was not pleased. There was a large amount of stitching shown near the rings and it was just plain unattractive and it took away frm the sling. I had some excess fabric left over, so I sewed it on. The "shoulder band" is now our signature to each of our slings!
So now I have a business that allows me to have fun, be creative, let loose and show parents that baby wearing can also be fun, refreshing, oh and fashionable too!

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions! I am revamping my website at the time, but I am still more than happy to help you out!